Robert Stokes

Rob Stokes FCCA BA (Hons) is a Chartered Accountant and Partner for Randall & Payne LLP.  He currently works as a Client Director and Senior Statutory Auditor. Rob works with a growing number of both standalone academies and multi academy trusts and is responsible for expanding the firm’s offering in respect of education and academies. In addition to organising Academy seminars, he attends EFA working group meetings and training session as well as working alongside the  Gloucestershire and Worcestershire Association of School Business Managers. Rob also maintains an audit presence with commercial clients and charities. As a member of the Randall and Payne senior leadership team, Rob supports the strategic development of the company as well as being directly responsible for both the audit team and outsourcing team.

Prior to joining his current company, Rob worked for Morgan Waugh Haines LLP & Waugh Haines Rigby Limited as a Senior Accounts Manager and Senior Statutory Auditor where he was responsible for the training, standards and compliance of 30 staff across the accounting practice and audit practice. Rob built the firm’s academy client base and established a relationship with solicitors also involved in the sector. During this time he worked with fourteen academies.