Joining the Trust

All schools will be fully support through the conversion process. The process will be project managed by the Trust, thus minimising disruption to the school.

This will include:

  • supporting the school’s consultation process;
  • liaising with solicitors regarding all legal documentation, including supplementary funding agreements, leases and land registration;
  • supporting  governors through the TUPE process and liaising with Unions;
  • negotiating the Commercial Transfer Agreement;
  • liaising with DfE contact / LA officers as appropriate;
  • developing arrangements for the new Academy Governing Body with the existing governing body;
  • supporting the migration of finance functions to PS Financials and training local school staff in its use;
  • setting up payroll, bank accounts and finance system;
  • setting up all necessary insurances;
  • establishing necessary systems for future payments into LGPS.

Any school which joins the Trust will be entitled to training in securing Christian distinctiveness and in the pedagogical approach, based on enquiry, of Philosophy for Children.  This can be arranged at a convenient time for the school, but takes place as soon as possible following conversion. As the Trust develops, other tried opportunities may be offered to all joining schools.

An Academy Development Partner (ADP) will be allocated to all schools, in agreement with the Principal to: work alongside staff and governors, verifying processes and judgements, mentoring and developing skills as required; offering expert validation of judgements relating to achievement and quality.

All schools can expect to be fully supported by DGAT with all matters concerning finance, auditing, budgeting and statutory compliance, as part of the conversion process and on an ongoing basis.

For further information about joining the Trust, contact Helena Arnold,  Head of New Business at the Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust.