Our Values


Bishop with children


Our relationship with schools is predicated on shared values and principles.  As educational attainment is underpinned by successful relationships, school development will be grounded in the integrity of our values. These will inform our shared approach to educational excellence with the needs of the child at the heart of decision-making by:

  • celebrating the unique identity of each school within its    community;
  • valuing all members of the school community equally;
  • promoting high expectations matched with nurture, support and challenge;
  • recognising and sharing achievements;
  • ensuring high moral and ethical standards, coupled with mutual consultation and partnership, being fundamental to any strategy.

We will adopt a collegiate approach to developing communities of excellence, working in partnership with schools and our educational partners to design flexible models of working which fully utilise the expertise which exists within local schools.

The Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust puts high value on its transparency and its not-for-profit status.