DGAT Inaugural Conference

One hundred and seventy four staff from five DGAT academies gathered at Gloucester Rugby Club for the Trusts’ inaugural conference.

Facilitated by Mark Burns, teaching staff spent the day focussing on formative assessment and metacognition.  The co-author of two best-selling books, Engaging Learners and Teaching Backwards, Mark Burns spent the morning working with staff to explore strategies for ensuring that feedback from learners supports planning and helps teachers adapt their material to meet the needs of all learners. Through participation in a range of practical activities, including learning to spin plates, teachers and teaching assistants explored pre-assessment tools and considered practical strategies to support pupils in having a great clarity about their learning, including the development of a shared language for improvement. Teachers discussed the importance of modelling success and how to scaffold learning to ensure that all pupils can exceed, and not just meet, their targets.

At the same time, academy Business Managers and administrative staff spent the day working alongside Kerry Brimfield, the Head of Business and Finance for DGAT, participating in a range of interactive workshops which covered topics such as Learning Styles, People Management, Time Management and Developing and Influencing Culture.

“Having the opportunity to stop and reflect on our own practice and to learn with and from one another is a critical part of the work of DGAT.  As a family of Trust academies we must ensure that we are encouraging constructive conversations about the performance of our academies and looking beyond ourselves to share what is best practice nationally. Our inaugural conference was a fantastic way to start this shared conversation,” said Helena Arnold, CEO