Change Management Professional Development

Lead practitioners from DGAT academies come together to participate in Change Management Course

Fifteen lead practitioners come together in the Diocesan Offices for shared inset training



Lead practitioners from the five DGAT academies come for Change Management training.  Supported by the Academy Development Board and in partnership with The Oakwood Federation, Gardner’s Lane Children’s Centre and Tredworth Junior School, delegates explored change management theories in the context of offering school-to-school support.   

As part of the Trust’s commitment to developing middle and senior leaders, teachers were given the opportunity to reflect on their own learning as well as how they support their teams in developing best practice. 

“We want to harness the shared capacity of our staff in order ensure that teachers are affirmed, supported and challenged in their own practice,” said CEO, Canon Helena Arnold. “As colleagues visit each others academies we want to ensure that teachers can learn with and from one another in order to offer pupils the very best learning experience.  Investing in staff and supporting leadership capacity is essential if we are going to achieve our aim.”