The Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust Gender Pay Gap Data 2018/19

In accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 the Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust is required to publish information about pay gaps between male and female employees.  The overall gender pay gap us defined as the difference between the mean (average) or median (actual midpoint) hourly rate of pay of male and female employees. 

  1. Difference in mean hourly rate of pay – mean          32.7%

  2. Difference in median hourly rate of pay – median     46.7%

  3. Difference in mean bonus pay – mean                       0%

  4. Difference in median bonus pay – median                 0%

  5. Percentage of employees who received bonus pay   Male                Female

                                                                                                                          0%                  0%   


       Employees by pay quartile                                       Male               Female                       

          Upper quartile                                                             11.9%             88.1%

          Upper middle quartile                                             5.7%               94.3%

          Lower middle quartile                                             4.1%               95.9%

          Lower quartile                                                             2.6%               97.4%


Size of the Organisation

Number of employees within the organisation 2018-19:      47 male to 729 female

In common with most educational organisations, please note that the Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust employs more female full time equivalent employees than male.  We are confident that men and women are paid equally for equivalent jobs.  The pay gap has decreased this year which reflects the increase in salaries for those in the lowest quartile which are predominantly female.  The Trust has recognised, in full, the recommended salary increase for those staff paid on the NJC scales.  The Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust is committed to the promotion of equality of opportunity and choice for employees and supports fair treatment of all staff regardless of gender through robust and transparent recruitment processes, pay policy and professional development.

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