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An act of worship focusing on the dove as a symbol of good news


Powerpoint for collective worship focusing on Pentecost, the Holy Spirit and the Fruit of the Spirit, illustrated by images from CAFOD projects.

Teacher’s notes

Ideas for a story, poem and simple explanation of Pentecost for collective worship

Simple script that can be acted out with children reflecting the impact of the coming of the Holy Spirit 

Using a piece of art from the Philippine artist Edgardo de Guzman, this provides ideas for a reflective approach to Pentecost in Collective Worship

A week of ideas and collective worship content on different aspects of Pentecost




Animated versions of story of Pentecost, approx. 3 mins

Debbie and Revd Steve Godsell From Gloucestershire’s West of Severn Benefice. Focusing on Pentecost as the birthday of the Church, this clip of Debbie and Steve, lasting about 10 minutes, explains what Pentecost means to church communities, including a Bible reading and the story about Bill from Barnabas in School (see above)

The B Tales



The Diocese of Guildford ‘Pentecost Pause Days’


Prayer Spaces in School



For an idea linked to the Dove of Peace, a symbol of the Holy Spirit 

Growing Together

For the password, please contact (this is freely available to schools and church communities within the Diocese of Gloucester)