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The DGAT central team provides a wide range of support to our schools to enable them to operate effectively. This includes:

- Model policies and guidance

- Compliance monitoring – guidance on operational policies and Iris Assets to ensure effective and efficient logging and

   monitoring of compliance

- Insurance queries – DGAT arranges insurance for Trust schools and provides advice about insurance queries and policy cover

- Legal support and advice – access to a legal team covering the full range of possible issues

- Health and safety - a package of support including advice regarding specific issues including accident reporting, risk

   assessment and fire risk assessment, water management and asbestos.

- Crisis management – DGAT provides full support in the event of a crisis, including operational and media support

- Estate and Premises management – full site surveys are completed for each school and a prioritised dashboard of costed

   actions is provided

- Contracts and procurement – increasingly we are negotiating Trust-wide contracts to benefit from economies of scale and

   make savings

- Data Protection - DGAT provides training and policy guidance, subject access requests, information requests and legal support,

   data protection and GDPR for member schools.

Data Protection Officer

The Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust employs SchoolPro TLC Ltd as its Data Protection Officer (DPO).


The Trust’s named Data Protection Officer is Richard Morley who can be contacted on or via telephone number  0203 2909093

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