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Our mission:

The purpose of the Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust (DGAT) is to provide children of all faiths and none with excellent educational provision which transforms lives within a caring and supportive Christian ethos. Our aim is, therefore, to provide a complete and fully-inclusive education which:


  • Enables human flourishing by encouraging pupils’ and adults’ gifts and talents;

  • Nurtures the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of the academy community, as well as maximising the progress, achievement and attainment of every child;

  • Celebrates the intrinsic value of every person, made in the image of God.

 Our non-negotiables:

  • The whole curriculum that we offer will be rooted firmly in our shared values and will link throughout all of the experiences we plan and deliver. We place high value on personal empowerment within our curriculum, celebrating each child’s uniqueness as a child of God.  

  • We believe that highly effective relationships with all our stakeholders, (parents, children and staff) are paramount to our success.  As part of this understanding we recognise that as a family of schools we share accountability for all of our children and their outcomes.

  • The inclusive curriculum we offer will be creative, collaborative and challenging for all, recognising the benefits that a broad and balanced curriculum can have in developing the whole child. Throughout this curriculum there will be a strong emphasis placed on developing pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development so that they are fully able to play their part in both today and tomorrow’s society.  The curriculum we offer will be rooted in evidence so that the strongest pedagogical practice is in place across our schools.

  • We allow our schools the autonomy to select the curriculum that they offer to reflect the needs and contexts of the children they serve.

  • We have high expectations of all in our schools and believe that high-quality outcomes can only be achieved through quality first teaching in all our schools. We continually strive for excellence in all we do.

  • We expect our teachers and our children to be reflective so that mistakes are celebrated and learning is maximised.

  • Learning will be typified by high levels of engagement throughout our teaching and learning.

  • We believe in a model of developing others that is supportive and coaching in style, whilst maintaining the high expectations of all in our community - children and adults alike.

  • Equal opportunities for all in our communities ensure that high-quality learning is exemplified by all groups.

  • We believe that our commitment to ensuring that this is delivered throughout our schools will result in high levels of enjoyment for all as well as high-quality outcomes for pupils.

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