Why work for the Trust?

We aim to be the employer of choice within the education sector in our area. We aim to attract and retain staff of a high quality and continuously seek opportunities across the Trust for secondment, promotion and continued development. We take the wellbeing of staff seriously and want to support the learning and development of all staff in the family.

We provide an excellent CPD programme for our staff – this can be found in our CPD brochure

We are proud of our roots in the Diocese of Gloucester Board of Education, and the support framework that it provides to all DGAT schools. Together as staff, governors and trustees we are passionate about providing the best educational experience possible to the children and young people who attend our schools.

Equal opportunities

DGAT is a fair employer promoting equal opportunities, which do not disadvantage any person on the grounds of a protected characteristic. We ensure that clear and transparent guidelines are provided for all working in DGAT and to ensure that we comply with our legal obligations under the Equality Act (2010).