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Why work for the Trust?

Together the staff, governors and trustees are passionate about providing the best educational experience possible to the children and young people who attend our schools.


We believe that the staff of the Trust is our greatest asset, and we seek to invest in their training and development to enable them to be the best they can be for the children. Our training offer can be found in our CPDL brochure.


We aim to be the employer of choice within the education sector in our area. We want to attract and retain staff of a high quality and continuously seek opportunities across the Trust for continued development, secondment opportunities and promotion. Staff have opportunities to impact on staff and children beyond their own setting and we provide opportunities for staff to move between schools within the family.


For headteachers, we offer the opportunity to lead and manage an individual school whilst having the security of being part of a larger organisation. Headteachers within the Trust can focus more fully on the quality of education within the school, as an increasing number of the back office and support functions are co-ordinated centrally. Headteachers also have opportunities to be invited to lead other schools across the Trust in an executive leadership capacity or as a development opportunity.


Teachers, teaching assistants and office and finance staff have opportunities to network with and learn from one another, coach and mentor one another, share best practice and problem solve together. There are also opportunities to move between schools if this is something that is of interest. Some of our staff work in more than one school.


We take the wellbeing of staff seriously and want to support the learning and development of all staff in the family. We are committed to the Department for Education Staff Wellbeing Charter which can be found here. Each school has a wellbeing champion and the Trust employs a central wellbeing lead to co-ordinate their work and share good practice.

Equal opportunities

DGAT is a fair employer promoting equal opportunities, which do not disadvantage any person on the grounds of a protected characteristic. We ensure that clear and transparent guidelines are provided for all working in DGAT and to ensure that we comply with our legal obligations under the Equality Act (2010). 



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