What we do

The Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust is a multi-academy trust. A multi-academy trust (MAT) is a single entity established to undertake strategic collaboration to improve and maintain high educational standards across a number of schools.

A group of schools form a single MAT which has overarching responsibility for their governance.

The MAT is accountable for the performance of each school in the group, although each can still have their own governing body which operates subject to delegation of power from the MAT.

A master funding agreement with the MAT, and supplemental funding agreements with each individual school, is signed by the Secretary of State for Education. The MAT is the employer of all the staff.

Some multi-academy trusts can have 30 or 40 schools, some will be a much smaller group of perhaps half a dozen. There are obvious advantages to working as a group of schools, for example in terms of creating common policies, streamlining, school organisation, sharing expertise, central procurement – including schools in the trust lending staff to each other.  

The MAT provides a range of support, guidance and challenge across all its schools.